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Street Protest



Tsuru Scholars’ Council
Tsuru for Solidarity

A nationwide network of academics to support Tsuru for Solidarity’s work in closing immigrant detention centers. We support university communities to educate academic and non-academic communities on the connections between Japanese American wartime incarceration and contemporary immigration detention centers.

Asian American Playwright Collective

The Asian-American Playwright Collective is a group of Boston-based playwrights who have banded together to nurture, develop, and promote new work by Asian-American playwrights in the Boston area.

Theater Performance

Community Collaborations

As a community-engaged scholar, I've partnered with grassroots community-based, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions to advance racial equity, including initiatives focused on sexual assault and violence prevention, advocating for boys and men of color, faculty and campus diversity, equity, and inclusion, and advancing Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies. Please reach out if you'd like to connect and partner.

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